About Us

Who we are ?

Welcome to Aal Mir Group of Companies, the UAE’s leading distributor of internationally renowned confectionery and FMCG products from all over the world. Aal Mir Group of Companies has been an established part of Dubai’s commercial landscape since 1980. The highly successful company was set up by a dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Motalleb Vakhshouri. Our Mission

Supply affordable quality products to the mutual benefit of our supply chain partners and consumers.
• Improve customer satisfaction
• Improve operational efficiency
• Improve accountability
• Reduce environmental foot print
• We believe in Investment and Reinvestment
During its initial stage the prime focus was on Confectionery range. Gradually as the market was shifting from wholesale concept to the modern trade, the company started adapting to the changes and began importing different lines of food & non- food items in UAE & Oman. Today, Aal Mir Group is proud to supply an impressive portfolio of internationally recognized brands and to be one of the leading full-fledged distribution, logistics and marketing company covering each and every corner of the market.

At Aal Mir, as per ISO & HACCP standards, we aspire to:-
• Review and improve the effectiveness of quality management system by setting the quality objectives.
• To enhance customer & consumer satisfaction by providing them with quality product and services.
• To enhance the competence of the staff by providing them adequate training and awareness.

Our management always ensures that the Quality policy is communicated and understood within the organization for continuous growth & improvement.


Our Facility

Aal Mir Group was one of the first companies to relocate to the popular DIP (Dubai Investments Park) where the company’s in-house team along with consultants and engineers have built an impressive Dry & Temperature controlled warehousing and logistics center on a Super built up of 500,000 sq ft out of which Net built up is 370,000 sq ft.,Our Vision

Our commitment is to achieve Total Quality Management, fully satisfying our customers’ requirements through a process of continuous improvements. Our commitment is to make positive contributions towards our community, environment and employees.
Our entire facility is Secure, CCTV controlled and fully Hygienic, with modern storage racking system with allocation of numbers, code and pallets ID’s which help in easy access for deliveries. Our logistic team strictly implements FIFO method for all our brands and products. By regular stock monitoring and following FIFO method, Aal Mir ensures to provide fresh and quality products for its consumers to enjoy.

The group’s warehouse features central refrigeration system with a total capacity of 1845 KW cooling plant to maintain temperature between 15 degree to 17 degree Celsius with maximum humidity of 45 degree Celsius. Also we have installed water treatment system for the cooling system tower. We are also proud to have our own Packing & Repackaging Department equipped with the Modern & Advanced equipments and machineries. Our repacking department provides us great flexibility to repack products into various types of packaging which can best suit our market and customer demands.




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